Want To Know Why You Are Not Shedding Belly Fat After Working So Hard?

Are you desperate to get rid of the belly fat? But no matter how hard you try, you don’t see considerable changes to your belly? It requires serious dedication and motivation to reduce weight. People make sacrifices and changes to their lifestyle in order to achieve their fitness goals. You might have done the same, but still there are things that you are missing out to have a flatter belly. Doing strict diets and regular workouts are basic demands, but not the only things that a loser should focus on when reducing belly fat. Here are some things that you might be over looking or not doing to achieve your target.

Not focusing on your Sleep routine

Not sleeping enough is one of the reasons affecting your struggle to lose belly fat! According to a survey, more than half of the population of women is not getting enough sleep, which is a leading factor of serious consequences when you are trying to lose fat. According to a study it was found that women sleeping for fewer hours were more likely to experience weight gain than those who sleep well. If you feel that your sleep routine is disturbed and you are not sleeping well, it is the reason why you are not experiencing reduction to your belly fat.

Thanks to social media, people spend most of their sleeping time surfing the internet, which causes disturbances to your sleep routine. Furthermore, waking up late night makes you hungry and calls for late night snacking, which is not great when you are trying to shed belly fat. Focus on your sleep routine and try to take healthy sleep to see appreciable changes in your belly.

Consuming Salty Diet

When you are on weight reduction mission, it is important to focus on your diet. You have to skip high calorie foods due to higher fat content. You might be avoiding unhealthy foods yet can’t see noticeable changes? Avoiding high carb foods is not enough as there are other ingredients as well that are actually a barrier to your goal. Consuming salty diet is not going to help you with weight reduction. There is a specific amount of salt one can consume daily, but consuming in excess causes water to move from your bloodstream in to your skin and perhaps makes you feel bloated after the meal.

Many foods such as canned foods, deli meats and dairy products already contain salt content and even if you are adding on the table salt to your meal, you are consuming more amount of sodium. To achieve faster results, avoid adding salt to your meal. Instead, use spices and herbs to improve the taste of your meal without adding sodium.  Flavors like cinnamon, basil, cayenne powder, parsley and etc are great boosters and have health benefits. Try using them in your meal to avoid extra salt content.

Doing the Wrong Exercises

The exercises you are performing have the most impact on your weight loss goals. Many people prefer steady state cardio workouts, like long jogs, to cut down belly fat. However, this particular workout routine will help you in the beginning, but soon you won’t burn calories because your metabolism will adjust to the routine. But, there are better and effective workouts to lose weight such as weight training. With weight training your body will burn more calories with effects lasting longer than other workouts.

High intensity workouts are considered the best when it comes to reducing fat from the body. If you no longer feel your heart beat raisin during exercising, it means that you are not burning calories and perhaps should switch to better and effective workouts. Create your own HIIT program with cardio workouts like cycling, running, swimming and etc. doing the right exercises will result in positive changes.

Not controlling your Drinking habits

As indicated by studies, alcohol has a connection to increase in appetite and food intake and is associated with belly fat. Consuming too much alcohol is not good for health. It is the reason of deaths for years because various diseases are actually caused by the drinking habit of people. Too much consumption of alcohol is one of the reasons why you are not being able to shed fat from your belly. You should control your drinking habits and as experts say, it is fine to enjoy a glass of wine with meal ever so often, but the amount consumed should be moderate.

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